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Ball Closure Rings (BCRs / Captive Bead Rings)

The most popular and without doubt most practical piece of jewellery on the market today. The Ring is opened and closed using a small removable ball which has two slight dimples drilled into opposing sides which act as sockets to hold each end of the Ring firmly and securely in place. The Ball can be replaced with one of a corresponding size from our extensive clip-in range. Ball Closure Rings can be used in almost all piercings with a huge variety of gauges, diameters and materials.

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Ball Closure Rings

Straight Barbells (Tongue Bars / Nipple Bars)

An absolutely fantastic piece of jewellery which, along with Ball Closure Rings, comes in a massive range of gauges, lengths and materials. Both ends are threaded and thus removable and in its 1.6mm (14gauge) format there is an almost endless variety of threaded ball and components from our screw-in range.

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Tongue Bars

Circular Barbells (Horseshoes)

Also widely known as a horseshoe, Circular Barbells come in many different gauges, diameters and materials. Both ends of all Circular Barbells are removable and in the standard gauges (1.2mm and 1.6mm) can be exchanged for a huge variety of add ons and accessories.

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circular barbells (horseshoes)

Eyebrow Barbells (Curved Barbells)

As the name suggests, this 1.2mm Curved Barbell was originally designed for the piercing which bears its name but is also both popular and practical in Tragus, Conch and Ear Rim piercings which were initially carried out using a Ball Closure Ring. Both balls are removable and interchangeable with any of the 1.2mm threaded balls from our extensive range.

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eyebrow barbells

Segment Rings

A completely smooth continuous Ring which can be opened and closed using a small removable section which has pins on either end that slot into sockets in the main pierce of jewellery. Segment Rings are beautifully machined with absolutely smooth edges, comfortable to wear and especially popular in both Labret and Lip piercings as well as one of the most practical choices for enlarged Prince Albert piercings. Slightly harder to fit than the standard Ball Closure Ring, this can be made easier with the use of Circular Pliers available from out Tools section.

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segment rings

Flesh Tunnels

Flesh Tunnels are hollow cylindrical pieces of jewellery with two end plates, one of which is threaded and removable for ease of fitting and removal of the jewellery. Flesh Tunnels are a great choice for almost all stretched Ear Lobe piercings and are available in a large range of diameters.

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flesh tunnnels

Eyelets (Single Flared Eyelets / Double Flared Eyelets)

Eyelets are hollow cylindrical pieces of jewellery designed for a stretched Ear Lobe piercing that is designed with either one or both ends slightly wider that the diameter of the centre of the Eyelet. Single Flared Eyelets are usually held securely in place with a Rubber O-Ring on the back end while Double Flared Eyelets feature either a fixed or removable flared back plate.

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Tubes, are as the name suggests, are straight and hollow cylinders. Available in a great variety of styles, materials and diameters, they are designed for use in stretched Ear Lobe piercings and are held securely in place by a Rubber O-Ring on either end.

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Plugs (Solid Plugs)

Plugs are single, solid cylindrical pieces of jewellery that are available in a wide range of materials and diameters. Worn mainly in stretched Ear Lobes, they are held in place by two Rubber O-Rings.

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Spirals (Body Spirals / Body Twists)

Available in 1.0mm, 1.2mm and 1.6mm gauges, Spirals can be twisted slightly tighter or looser to get that perfect fit and with both ends removable they can be modified with accessories from our wide range of threaded add ons.

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body spirals

Nostril Studs (Nose Studs)

Available in 3 different gauges; 0.8mm, 1.0mm and 1.2mm, it is manufactured from a single piece of its given material be it Steel, Titanium or Acrylic. The smooth curved back sits flush against the inside of the nostril wall making it far more secure and comfortable than any other design of nostril stud currently available in the marketplace. A common alternative in both Tragus and Ear Rim piercings for people who desire a piece of jewellery that is both quick and easy to fit and remove.

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nose studs

Bar Closure Rings

Another modified version of the Ball Closure Ring now a firm favourite in its own right. The Ball in this piece of jewellery has been replaced by a small removable straight Bar which makes it a very practical choice where a small and snug fit is wanted. A great choice for Lips, Nostrils and Septums.

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bar closure rings

Labret Studs (Flat Back Barbell)

Initially designed to fit in the many different Labret, Lip and Cheek piercings, it is now used extensively in many other piercing including the Tragus, Ear Lobe, Ear Rim, Conch etc. The ball is threaded and removable and can be replaced with a large and varied amount of accessories.

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labret studs

Retainers (Keepers)

Retainers can be used to either hide piercings in a situation where they may be deemed inappropriate or to replace Surgical Steel, Titanium or Gold during a medical procedure such as an operation, an X-Ray or a CT-Scan. Retainers are available in many different forms including Nostril Studs, Barbells, Labret Studs and Circular Barbells with Bioplast and Acrylic the main materials used in their manufacture, but other materials such as Silicone (for flesh coloured ear plugs) and Titanium (for Septum Keepers) are not uncommon.

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Bullet Keepers

Although initially designed and sold as 'Septum Retainers', they are now a popular choice for ear lobe piercings when used as plugs. One area of piercing where Bullet Keepers have came into their own is in the Ear Lobe stretching process due to them having a smooth domed end, making them a viable alternative to the more traditional taper. Usually available in a wide range of thicknesses (we have a choice of 8 sizes available, plus stretching kit packs), they are held securely in place with a single Rubber O-Ring that fits snugly over the rounded dome end. A versatile piece of jewellery with a lovely high polish finish.

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bullet keepers

Clip-In Accessories

(for Ball Closure Rings)

The most popular Clip-In Accessiory is a simple Ball that has a small dimple machined into either side and fits into the opening of a Ball Closure Ring, securing the jewellery in the piercing. Available in a large variation of styles, materials and sizes including the hugely popular Jewelled Ball.

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clip-in accessories

Screw-On Accessories

(for Externally Threaded Jewellery)

Screw-on Accessories, such as balls or cones, will have a thread cut into them allowing them to be 'screwed-on' to jewellery that has a thread machined onto the outside shaft (externally threaded jewellery) such as a Straight Barbell, Circular Barbell, Labret Stud etc. Available in a vast choice of different styles, Screw-On Accessories can take you from the subtlest balls to the most outrageously long spikes. Be careful to match the correct thread size. Modify your look!

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screw-on accessories

Screw-In Accessories

(for Internally Threaded Jewellery / Sub-Dermals)

Screw-in Accessories, such as flatheads or balls, have a threaded shaft that protrudes from their back enabling them to be 'screwed-in' to internally threaded jewellery (jewellery that has a thread machined inside its shaft) such as Sub-Dermal Anchors, Labret Studs etc. The much lower 'profile' that can be achieved with Screw-in Accessories in comparison to their Screw-on equivalents has led to a substantial increase in their use with Internally Threaded Labret Studs which in turn has led to increased number of styles available. Be careful to match the correct thread size.

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screw-in (sub-dermal) accessories

Nipple Jewellery (Nipple Drops / Stirups)

As the name so obviously suggests, these pieces are designed solely for use in nipple piercings. When selecting your jewellery, it's probably a good idea to choose barbells 2-3mm longer than the nipple is wide to allow a little room for movement and cleaning. Nipples are almost always pierced using 1.6mm (14 gauge) jewellery.

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nipple jewellery
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