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Piercing Questions: Can I replace the ball from my piercing jewellery?

The ball from my piercing jewellery has come off – what can I do to fix it?

One of the piercing problems that gets mentioned most often on Twitter is people losing parts of their jewellery.

Tragus piercings are almost always done with .2mm (16 Gauge) jewellery. Find the correct size and the parts can be replaced no matter if you wear a Ball Closure Ring (BCR), a Straight Barbell or a Labret Stud.

The usual size of a “clip in” ball for a Ball Closure Ring is 4mm in diameter, find these in Piercing Jewellery Shop’s “clip in ball” section. These are available in both plain and jewelled steel.

Labret Studs and Straight Barbells have a 1.2mm thread with a 3mm diameter being the norm, although 4mm balls will fit just as well if you want something a little larger.

surgical steel ballsOur selection of “Screw in accessories” includes balls, spikes and cones which are available in a choice of Surgical Steel, Titanium, Blackline and Zircon Gold. Select the 1.2mm option and they should fit most jewellery.

Check our guide to jewellery sizes and how to measure your jewellery.

To fit a new ball to your jewellery, wash and dry your hands then wipe them again with a tissue or paper towel to remove any traces of sebum (the natural oil found in the skin).

Dry and non greasy fingers will make it a lot easier to fit any ball either to a Ball Closure Ring,  Labret Stud or Straight Barbell.

titanium balls cones

Prices start at less than £1 – with competitive international postage rates, and free postage on orders over £15.