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Piercing Questions: I have to remove my piercing jewellery at work, how do I prevent my piercing healing up?

Does your job make you remove your piercing in the work place?

Do you get sent home from school for wearing piercing jewellery?

Do you need to have an medical procedure that means you need to remove your piercing jewellery?

None of these are uncommon questions – but there is a relatively easy answer.

A piercing is a tube of scar tissue that is held open by the jewellery which it contains. Whether the piercing is 1mm (18 gauge) or 5mm (4 gauge) in diameter, the principle is the same. Remove the jewellery and the piercing will tighten up and in many cases, over time, it might close altogether.

If the piercing is well healed and ‘mature’ then it is more likely that the piercing can be left empty for a longer period of time (usually measured in hours not days). If the piercing is relatively new or not completely healed then this may be a serious problem.

Bioplast retainers are the answer!

The best remedy for the problem is a clear Bioplast retainer. These come in a multitude of different forms for all kinds of different piercings. Take a look at our range of clear and black Bioplast jewellery retainers for a discreet solution.

Bioplast retainers for piercingsBioplast is an inert polymer that’s suitable for both short and long term use, in its retainer form it will make almost any piercing far less noticeable, allowing you to replace your regular nose stud, labret, barbell or septum piercing jewellery when you’re free to do so.

Nose Studs, Labrets, Straight and Curved Barbells and U-Shaped Septum Keepers are all available from Piercing Jewellery Shop’s extensive range of retainers.

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