Sub-Dermal Anchors

Sub-Dermal Anchors (also referred to as Dermal Implants) are without doubt the most revolutionary development to hit the body piercing world in the last decade. To put it in simple terms, placements that seemed almost impossible even ten years ago are now being seen as the norm with high healing success rates being reported for most areas of the body.

Slightly more difficult to perform and instal generally than most other piercings, Sub-Dermals should only be carried out by an experienced piercer who should be able to perform them successfully in a matter of only a few seconds with very little pain or discomfort.

The Sub-Dermal itself is manufactured from Surgical Grade 23 Titanium and features a small plate that sits around 1.5-2mm under the outer surface of the skin completed by a small internally threaded post that protrudes (at a right angle) through the skin allowing any one of a number of a great selection of ‘flat-headed’ Screw-in Accessories to be fitted.

The biggest single advantage to choosing a Sub-Dermal over the more traditional Surface Barbell is practicality; Sub-Dermal heads have a much lower ‘profile’, sitting close and parallel to the skin surface whereas Balls and other Screw-On Accessories fitted to Surface Barbells protrude out much more. So, by using Sub-Dermals, the chances of catching, bumping, twisting or snagging the heads is greatly reduced, which in turn increase the likelihood of an easy healing period and diminishing the possibility of problems.

Although some Sub-Dermals may be rejected by the body, the scar left behind will usually be tiny in comparison to the large and unsightly scar that can more often than not be left behind as the result of a failed Surface Piercing.

Sub-Dermals are also fairly easy to remove and as just mentioned, will leave a small mark/scar that will fade through time.

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