Piercing Questions: I want to get a sub-dermal piercing, will it leave a scar?

I’m thinking of getting a sub-dermal piercing, but don’t want it to leave a scar when I take it out, what’s the score?

sub-dermal piercingsIn common with all piercings, there are many factors that will affect what kind of mark is left behind when the sub-dermal implant is eventually removed. Probably the biggest factor in the amount of scarring left behind is the colour of your skin. As a rule, the darker your skin is and the more melanin (pigment) that it contains, the darker the mark it will leave behind. Other factors to consider include: How the dermal removed? Did it come out easily or did it have to be cut out? Did it heal well or did it cause you any problems such as small lumps and bumps as it healed? How long it was worn for? If a small amount of scarring is left behind, time is a great healer and it should eventually fade and disappear. Products such as “Bio Oil” should help aid the healing process.

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