Piercing Questions – Ask us your questions about piercings

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We want to share our vast knowledge of piercings and piercing jewellery with you to help you chose the right products and get the most from your body adornments. We have years of experience here at Piercing Jewellery Shop so fire your questions to us on twitter with the Hashtag #PiercingQuestions

Check out our extensive knowledge area which has Frequently Asked Questions, a Piercing A-Z and everything you need to know about piercing jewellery types and materials, piercing maintenance, after-care, body piercing terminology and much more. 

We also have an guide to all the different style of body piercings and jewellery available – fully illustrated and linked to our range of quality jewellery products.

Ear piercing names

We’ve also got a Facebook page where you can share your Piercing Questions with us and keep up with our updates, offers and piercing news.


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