What’s the best choice of jewellery for a using “in ear” headphones with a tragus piercing?

tragus piercing

Using earphones with a tragus piercing can be painful and awkward. Labret studs with a flat back generally settle faster than barbells with balls. This is due to the fact that they will get bumped less and are less likely to catch on in-ear headphones. The flat back will also cause less pressure to the tragus piercing as it spreads the load across the back of the tragus, in comparison to the ball which will press directly onto the piercing itself. Healing time is usually somewhere between 2-6 months, although in some cases it can take longer. It’s also a good idea to give your headphones a clean before using them, as dirt and bacteria from your pockets or bag won’t help the healing process. Check out our in-depth guide to piercing jewellery types and what to wear.

Labret studs


Initially designed to fit in the many different Labret, Lip and Cheek piercings, labret studs are now used extensively in many other piercing including the Tragus, Ear Lobe, Ear Rim and Conch. The ball is threaded and removable and can be replaced with a large and varied selection of accessories. Choose which material and style from our large selection of quality jewellery. 

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